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Artide BioPharma, LLC

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BM Systems

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Behavioral Technologies Consulting Organization

Behavioral Technologies Consulting Organization (BTCO) is a company started by behavior analysts in response to the challenges faced by organizations working to provide evidence-based services in an ever-changing landscape.  BTCO is developing a BTCO has developed OASIS-S, a distance-based supervision program to ensure quality experiences leading to competent behavior analysts. OASIS-S is part of a Learning Management System for distance delivery of telehealth, mentoring and supervision activities.

Kansas City, KS

Carnation Therapeutics

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Clara BioTech

Clara Biotech enables therapeutic and diagnostic discovery and supports clinical applications by providing the tools researchers need to harness the full potential of exosomes. Clara’s novel exosome isolation platform (ExoSS) gives researchers the ability to isolate pure, targeted solutions of in-tact, viable exosomes from any biofluid.  It simplifies the complexity previously associated with exosome sample preparation, giving researchers the confidence necesssary to draw valid conclusions and industrial suppliers the system and scalability they need to develop clinical solutions that will redefine how we diagnose and treat disease.   

Lawrence, KS

De Novo Genomics

De Novo Genomics is a certified Oxford Nanopore service provider providing long-read sequencing to researchers and individuals. DNG offers a variety of sequence services options as well as bioinformatic analysis to fit research needs.

Kansas City, KS

Fennik Life Sciences

The TheraKan™ is the first 3D culture system platform that models flow of blood and cells to tissues so that drugs and drug targets can be tested more accurately in the pre-clinical phase.

The innovative novel system overcomes key limitations of conventional 3D cell culture platforms and creates physiologically relevant microenvironments for rapid and thorough analysis for drug efficacy, toxicology, ADME, pre-clinical drug screening research and tissue/cell research. Utilizing this technology, Fennik specializes in lab services and solutions catered to the needs of your research program.

Kansas City, KS

Foothold Labs

Our mission is to bring lab quality test results to the field through enhanced next generation materials, big data analytics, and Lab-On-A-Chip devices.

Olathe, KS


ICSCOM is a trusted service provider, focused on allowing clients to maximize their profitability within the Telco, IT/Data Science and Health Care industries and delivering solutions and services that support our clients’ mission-critical needs.  Using this expertise, ICSCOM is developing a geo-location Allergy App/Meter that trigger/tracks pollen counts like tree and grass pollen, ragweed and mold spores.

Kansas City, KS

JLB Associates

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A physician-referred, evidence-based, lifestyle program to improve brain health and reduce the risk for Alzheimer’s Disease.  LEAP! equips its customers with practical strategies that boost brain health and reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s disease.  Based on research, LEAP! Provides the best, most up-to-date science-based recommendations for brain health. The Lifestyle medicine product will integrate MD referral, education, and exercise training for health systems, patients, and coaches.

Kansas City, KS

LifeQCentral LLC

LifeQCentral LLC is commercializing a product used to assist patients with locomotion disability in making steps forward during gait training.  The device is focused on people with stroke, spinal cord injury, Parkinson’s disease, and other health conditions affecting their walking ability.

Overland Park, KS

Oak Therapeutics

We focus on patient adherence by producing proprietary formulations of medications for all people regardless of geography or economic status.

We create affordable medicines suited for pediatric and pre-natal care and change the way in which quality medicines are brought to people in need. We reformulate existing pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals using our proprietary drug delivery system, oral dissolvable strips, and distribute them where they’re needed most – regions where people die from diseases that have simple cures, such as diarrhea and malaria.

Oak Therapeutics has big goals – global health, dignity and sustainability.

Lawrence, KS


PillReady is commercializing a monitored automated medication dispenser.  PillReady provides an affordable, easy to use medication management system with seniors in mind. Trays are pre-loaded by the caregiver or medical professional and set up to remind the client to take their medication. Designed to be connected to your wireless router, PillReady provides the caregiver an up-to-date look at the user’s medication regimen compliance. 

Wichita, KS

Play-it Health

Play-it Health designs customized software and services to improve adherence to the entirety of health regimens utilizing tailored and diverse rewards programs. The approach is based on the recognition that patients, family members, and clinicians have different tastes, needs, and skill sets and that engagement will be dependent on understanding and responding to this diversity. Play-it Health designs customized software and services to improve adherence to healthy medical regimens using the latest in information technology to give patients, their friends and family, and clinicians peace of mind and the freedom to live their lives.

Overland Park, KS

Ronawk LLC

Ronawk LLC has developed a platform technology that significantly widens the bottleneck and will propel the growth of new and effective personalized treatments for patients. Ronawk’s platform technology, Tissue Blocks (T-Blocks), are custom substrates that are both modular and expandable. T-Blocks enable patient cells to grow in 3D naturally as they would in the body without the need for standard maintenance. This preserves the integrity and quality of the isolated cells as they rapidly expand. The T-Blocks can be used to preserve cells, expand cells, or build custom tissues to regenerate a damaged organ or tissue without the need to find a donor or remove tissue from another part of the body.

Olathe, KS

Sunflower Genomics

Sunflower Genomics, Inc. is a sequencing instrument company that will develop, manufacture, sell and distribute instruments and associated consumables. The SGI technology provides a low cost, non-optical instrument that generates high accuracy, single molecule sequencing of native DNA and RNA without tedious upfront sample preparation and processing addressing key limitations of the current market leading platforms.  This single molecule sequencing technology employs a unique strategy providing superior read-length and base call accuracy at very high speed. 

Lawrence, KS

Ting Therapeutics

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Vesarex LLC

Ultrasound-assisted laser blood-clot buster 

Lawrence, KS

VoiceFeed, Inc.

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ZenoLeap LLC

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AdductNE, LLC

Compared to other radiotherapy approaches, targeted radionuclide therapeutics (TRTs) allows for the selective delivery of therapeutic radiation doses to tumors, while at the same time reducing non-target toxicities. AdductNE LLC is investigating approaches to selectively increase the tumor residualization of receptor-targeted constructs using protease inhibitors. Specifically, our proprietary tumor-residualizing TRTs selectively localize in the tumors and form irreversible, high-molecular-weight adducts. We have demonstrated that utilization of irreversible, protease inhibitors greatly increase the tumor-residualization of two TRT platforms we are currently exploring for clinical translation.

Omaha, NE

Assistive Technologies Design Studio

Assistive Technologies Design Studio is developing a suite of virtual reality therapy games for individuals with hemiplegic cerebral palsy. Designed by an interdisciplinary team of engineers and therapists, the hardware/software systems are based on proven therapies delivered at the Munroe-Meyer Institute. The games are focused on individuals with upper-extremity therapy needs including cerebral palsy.

Omaha, NE

DigiTrans LLC

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Innovative Prosthetics & Orthotics

Innovative Prosthetics & Orthotics provides comprehensive prosthetics & orthotics services and has been in business for over 15 years. Innovative Prosthetics & Orthotics is committed to pioneer the use of emerging technology, research, and education to better serve our patients. Our clinic is the only orthotics and prosthetic facility in the state of Nebraska and one of the few in the nation to develop low-cost 3D printed prosthetic devices. In addition, our clinic is one of the few to provide cranial remolding orthosis and certified Dynamic Movement Orthoses for children, as well as providing a certified residency program to train young clinicians.

Omaha, NE

Netia Medical Technologies

Omaha, NE

OncoCare Therapeutics

OncoCare Therapeutics is commercializing a humanized monoclonal antibody targeting truncated MUC16 in pancreatic and ovarian cancer patients. Pancreatic cancer metastasis is driven by a normal cell protective molecule, MUC16, that becomes cleaved off of normal cells, modified and then becomes a cancer driving signaling molecule. OncoCare’s proprietary antibody targets this molecule specifically and removes it from circulation for slowing or arresting pancreatic cancer metastases. The first generation of the drug was shown to improve lifespan and reduce metastatic tumor load in animal studies.

Omaha, NE

Precision Biofabrications

Precision Biofabrications is a startup company that employs sophisticated 3-D printing technology for creating and producing specialty plastic products targeting intra vital microscopy imaging for cancer research. The first product is a cover-screen/window part that is surgically implanted in mice with orthotopic pancreatic cancer cells inserted into their pancreas. The window product allows us to isolate these mice under an intra vital microscope for multi-photonic imaging of their developing tumors.

Omaha, NE

SeqStream PBC

SeqStream provides choice and value to operators of portable and laboratory based nucleic-acid sequencing sensors. SeqStream provides support services for integrated rack-scale high-performance computer systems for sequencing instrument-adjacent use by service providers and other sequencing facility operators, as well as portable mini-server systems for field use by operators of nanopore sequencing sensors.

Omaha, NE

North Dakota

Concord Medical Technology Corporation

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Krampade, LLC

Krampade is provides commercializes potassium replacement drinks.  Krampade products are designed to shift the equilibrium to replace potassium in the muscle, uncramping it.

This equilibrium shift via Krampade slows fatigue during moderate to intense physical activity to help performance and proactively prevent cramping and assist in stopping reactive cramping of muscles. Krampade comes as an electrolyte powder, creating a high potassium drink. Not only does Krampade help stop and prevent cramping but it also enhances muscle performance, speeds recovery, reduces fatigue, and optimizes hydration.

Grand Forks, ND


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Excitant Therapeutics

Excitant Therapeutics is a small biopharmaceutical start-up based in Oklahoma City, OK. We are focused on developing novel therapeutic agents for ophthalmic diseases, especially those with dysfunctional microvasculature basis such as Diabetic Retinopathy, Diabetic Macular Edema, and Age-related Macular Degeneration. With our world-class scientific expertise in this field, we strive to translate our science to enhance current standard of care for many ophthalmic diseases. Our Science, Your Vision!

Oklahoma City, OK

South Dakota

Enrectec LLC

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OmegaQuant Analytics LLC

OmegaQuant Analytics, LLC, is an independent, CLIA-certified lab that offers Omega-3 Index testing to researchers, clinicians and the public and sets the standard for fatty acid testing. OmegaQuant was the 2010 winner of the Giant Vision Award which recognizes the best new business in South Dakota. OmegaQuant performs fatty acid analysis in Sioux Falls, SD for commercial and academic researcher collaborators, and for consumers interested in monitoring their nutritional status in both blood and breast milk.

Our goal is to offer the highest quality fatty acid analytical services to researchers and to provide simple tests of nutritional status to consumers, with the ultimate purpose of advancing the science and use of omega-3 fatty acids to improve health.

Sioux Falls, SD


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