Mentoring, Assessment & Planning (MAP) Program

The MAP goal is to develop strong commercialization plans for SHARPhub companies to put them on a stronger development path. A consultant is assigned to the company to work together to develop a business plan to enable likelihood of funding through an SBIR grant and/or equity funding application.

  • 8 Steps to Commercialization of Research Technology online curricula provides actionable learning in concise 12-minute video format accompanied by materials to enable participant companies to prepare a summary business pitch as the course develops.
  • Participants work 1:1 with a consultant to assess commercial potential of their technology and validate (or pivot) to optimize outcomes.
  • Biweekly Zoom sessions with outcome goals.
8 Steps to Commercialization of Research Technology
(one video for each step)
  • Step 1: Conceptualize potential business opportunity/research application

    Focus on making a disciplined examination and create a detailed description of : Forces disciplined examination & description of a). Problem being addressed, b). proposed solution to that problem and c). differentiation vs others in competitive space.
  • Step 2: Define opportunity

    Insures positive return on development efforts by a). determining the size, trend of the target market, b) strengths/weaknesses of the competition and c). identifying the stakeholders whose acceptance is critical to commercial success.
  • Step 3: Construct business model

    Hypothesizes how resources will be assembled & combined to produce a profitable enterprise.
  • Step 4: Conduct customer discovery

    Validates conceptual appeal of business concept, identifies opportunities for improvement and hypothesized resource utilization.
  • Step 5: Pivot

    Iterate to enhance commercial potential of application of research technology (ie: refocus research application toward larger commercial potential); reconstruct the business concept and business model.
  • Step 6: Legal

    Resolve various legal issues (ie: search/file for IP; establish organization legal structure; prepare Founders’ Agreement.
  • Step 7: Estimate commercial value of research technology

    Determines if further development is warranted & provides necessary input for SBIR grant application.
  • Step 8: The Pitch

    Consolidate all startup development efforts combining customer discovery, forecasting and evaluating. Helps validate continued development efforts and provide a compelling presentation to motivate stakeholders and investors.

MAP Program Application:


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